First results from CIRCOL Phase 1

Bonifacio Gyre test case (30/12/2017)

Sicily Channel test case (30/12/2017)
First results from the Observing System Simulation Experiment of Phase 1. Using the Piterbarg 2009 method, we corrected the synthetic geostrophic velocities obtaining an optimized surface current which is well in agreement with the MFS outputs (our ground truth). The improvements are found both in direction and intensity.

Results from CIRCOL Phase 2

CIRCOL Phase 2 is yielding first interesting results in the reconstruction of small scale eddies and along-Chl fronts circulation. Here are two test cases in the Levatine Basine (A) and in the North Adriatic Sea (B). In both cases, we corrected the (2SAT) Altimeter-derived currents using Chl data, obtaining improved surface currents estimates: the OPtimal Currents (OPC)