• 08 OCT 2019 - CIRCOL Kick-off has been held at the Institute of Marine Sciences, CNR-ISMAR, Rome, IT
  • 04 NOV 2019 - Concepts and preliminary results of CIRCOL will be presented at the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020 (San Diego, CA 16-21 FEB 2020): Click for more info

  • 17 FEB 2020 - The CIRCOL project has been presented at the Ocean Sciences meeting…so far away from our study area

  • 24 APR 2020 - The CIRCOL Mid-term review meeting has been held. Despite the difficulties of the COVID19 worldwide emergency, the CIRCOL team made big efforts to bring the project up to the MID-TERM, time to move to the project Phase 2!
  • 03 FEB 2021 - The CIRCOL activities will be presented at the EGU2021 General Assembly (PICO presentation)

  • 11 FEB 2021 - The CIRCOL Final Meeting was held. Many interesting points and perspectives for the CIRCOL activities were discussed…thanks ESA and thanks to all the participants!
  • 24 FEB 2021 - A paper summarizing the activities carried out within CIRCOL Phase 1 is almost ready for submission